We can transform any art into the proper format.

• Hand Drawn

• Scanned from a picture

• A business card

• Computer clip art

• E-mail

• Fax

Hand drawn artwork is acceptable. It can be manipulated into the format needed for a specific job

• FOR EMBROIDERY graphics may be hand drawn, scanned, faxed or sent via email
in any format. The graphic needs to be digitized for the embroidery machine to read and
understand it. That entails putting your image on the computer screen and physically
putting stitches to it.

• FOR HEAT TRANSFERS AND SILK SCREENING the art needed is a vector
graphic color separated. This is produced in a Graphic program to be separated by color.
The formats are usually Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Freehand, and other commercial
graphic programs. You supply the hand drawn, scanned or computer made picture and
we do the rest.

• FOR IMPRINTED PROMOTIONAL ITEMS such as pens, mugs, balls, etc., the
preferred graphic format is Vector. Again, you may send us any type and we will transform
it into the needed format.

Cost of turning your picture into the proper format is all relative to how many colors, how
much detail and how soon you need it. Artwork graphics are one price and turning a
graphic into an embroidery format is another price.

Call or send us your artwork for a quote.